Troubled Teens

Adolescence is a challenging stage of life, both for the teen and the parents.  It is a time when we ask the question “Who am I?”

According to psychologist Erik Erikson, adolescence is a time of facing an”Identity crisis”.  Parents face the difficult task of helping their child to manage this “crisis”. Parents are challenged with “letting out the kite string” to foster increasing independence and hoping the lessons they have taught will allow their child to soar successfully.

During adolescence teens try on many different hats in the search for self.  They are not only faced with many choices, decisions, and judgments, but also want to be left alone to make them.  In addition, many other life challenges can be happening either inside the teen or within the social world, or within the family.  Adolescence is often fraught with stress and choices and consequences, some that can be quite scary and problem producing.  Parents often find themselves in a stalemate with their teen, losing sleep, and losing confidence that their child will be okay and move to independent adulthood. Since part of the developmental task is to move away from parents, teens often do not want to talk about problems.

There are times when our teens do talk to us, however we can feel stuck in how to help.

A significant part of my practice is working with adolescents and helping parents navigate a turbulent time, offering support and guidance.

Please feel free to call me to discuss your adolescent daughter or son.