We all want to feel whole inside ourselves and in our relationships. As children, adolescents, and adults, we constantly navigate the developmental process. We are strive to evolve and grow. We are innately drawn toward health and feeling well. However, this path sometimes takes uncomfortable and unhealthy turns when we are challenged with obstacles.



When the connection we have with our partner feels broken we may find ourselves and our relationship full of tension, anger and distress. We often find ourselves wanting our partner to either stop doing something, or to start doing more of something else.


We can worry about harm coming to ourselves or to a loved one.  We can worry about failure, success, or losing someone. We can worry about things that may seem small to others, like germs, or something bad happening if we don’t do something a certain way.

When our children are upset, we are upset. The pain of witnessing our child struggle is heart and soul breaking. Managing a child or adolescent with anxiety can be excruciating, time consuming, and distressing.

If you are a parent of an anxious child you are not alone.


Adolescence is a challenging stage of life, both for the teen and the parents. It is a time when we ask the question “Who am I?”

According to psychologist Erik Erikson, adolescence is a time of facing an ”Identity crisis”. Parents face the difficult task of helping their child to manage this “crisis”.