What happens in the first session?

Often times people come to a first therapy session feeling nervous. We will first address helping you feel as comfortable as possible. The first session typically focuses on gathering information about what has you seeking help, as well as beginning the process of getting to know you. You will also have the opportunity to ask me questions and learn about how I will work with you. If it feels like a good fit to you we will begin to develop a plan.

How long will it take for things to feel better?

The answer to this of course is different regarding different situations and people. I look at presenting issues in terms of what can give some immediate ease and relief while working toward what can support long term relief and sustainable change. Together we will determine how you will measure the feeling of progress.

Is all the information I share confidential?

All the information shared is absolutely confidential. What is talked about with me can not be released to anyone unless you give me consent to do so. The only time information can be shared without consent is if you are an imminent danger to yourself or someone else, then safety is priority.