Couples Therapy

“If we are going to find our way back to each other, vulnerability is going to be the path”. – Brene’ Brown

When the connection we have with our partner feels broken we may find ourselves and our relationship full of tension, anger and distress.

We often find ourselves wanting our partner to either stop doing something, or to start doing more of something else.  We want to “get back to normal”, to “get the love back”, to “have good sex again”, to agree, to ‘feel happy”, to be close again.  We want change. We just want……

With life full of stressors, we want to depend on that connection and partnership for support, comfort, help, and love.

I work with couples to help them:

  • move from distance to closeness, and from distress to physical and emotional stability with each other
  • identify and problem solve what is hurting them
  • develop a strategy they can take home and use on their own to maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship

Blended Families

There are times when couples come to me because they are forming a relationship and have children from a previous relationship. I work with these couples to focus on their couple-hood while also managing the parenting challenges involved when blending families.

Co-Parenting Agreements

There are couples who no longer want to work on their relationship and want help with separating. Often these folks have children and want to know how to develop an effective co-parenting relationship despite the fact they have decided to separate and divorce.  I help them form co-parenting agreements.