“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself! ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fear, worry, and anxiety come in many forms.  We can worry about harm coming to ourselves or to a loved one.  We can worry about failure, success, or losing someone.  We can worry about things that may seem small to others, like germs, or something bad happening if we don’t do something a certain way. Shame and fear of judgement add to the torture.  We can be afraid of just about anything:  bugs, elevators, heights, driving across a bridge, public restrooms.  We can sometimes feel apprehension and not even know why.

Because of fear we may begin to avoid.  We avoid people, places, things, and situations; our world becomes smaller and smaller because of fear.  Panic can set in and debilitate us even more.

Our internal security alarm – our fight or flight response – signals “danger” when there is no danger.

A most upsetting situation is being a parent of a child who is tortured by anxiety; we worry about our children’s worry and it is excruciatingly painful.

I work with adults, adolescents, and children who struggle with anxiety, using an approach with the most up-to-date research and success rate.

Actually, it is most definitely the fear of fear that is the culprit.  I help people live in their strength and resilience, face those “dangers” and distressed feelings, recalibrate their internal alarm, so those overwhelming worries can eventually become small nuisances, or nothing much at all.

More specifically, I specialize in using a CBT approach in treating the following:

-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and OC Spectrum Disorders
– Social Anxiety Disorder
-Panic symptoms and Panic Disorder
– Generalized Anxiety Disorder